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Our Services

1. Pre-Purchase Surveys
When you buy a used boat, you will want to obtain as much information as possible about its condition prior to closing the deal. Is the boat structurally sound and safe? Is the machinery and equipment on board in good working condition? Is the boat a good value for the money?

Our Pre-Purchase Surveys will give you the confidence that you know what you are buying. We do thorough inspections covering structural integrity, safety, condition of machinery and equipment as well as overall maintenance and cosmetic appearance.

These inspections include, but are not limited to:

  • Hull
  • Interior structure
  • Rudder and steering gear
  • Propellers and all other underwater parts
  • Deck and deck fittings
  • Accommodation
  • Galley and galley equipment
  • Sanitation devices
  • Engines
  • Tanks, pumps, hoses and piping
  • Electrical systems
  • Navigation equipment/ electronics
  • Anchoring and mooring equipment
  • Spars and rigging
  • Fire fighting and safety equipment

Moisture meter readings and percussion soundings of hull and deck are part of the survey. In addition we check if all items mentioned in a Broker’s Listing actually are on board.

A haul-out of the boat is essential, so that we can check all under water parts. A sea trial is strongly recommended. This allows us to check the engine and other systems under normal operating conditions. A Pre-Purchase Survey of a typical mid-sized boat may require a full day, depending on its size, complexity and condition. A survey of a boat of longer than 40 feet, may take more than one day.

We always encourage you, the prospective buyer, to attend the survey, so that you will get a better understanding of the survey process and its results.

Our survey reports are detailed and include the Fair Market Value and Replacement Value of the boat as well as pictures and clear recommendations. For a sample of a Pre-Purchase Survey report,  'coming soon'.

Proper preparation of a boat prior to the inspection greatly enhances the quality of the survey. Click here for a practical check list for preparing the boat.

See also the “Scope of Surveys” page of this website.

2. Insurance Surveys
When you want to insure a boat, or have to renew an existing policy, your insurance company may require an Insurance Survey in order to determine its insurability. This type of survey is often referred to as a Condition and Valuation Survey or Marine Risk Inspection.

The scope of an Insurance Survey is similar to a Pre-Purchase Survey, but its report focuses on structural integrity, safety and items that affect the market value of the boat.

An assessment of the boat’s Fair Market Value and Replacement Value is part of this type of survey.

Insurance companies usually require a hauled-out survey, but may not require that a sea trial is conducted. Your insurance company will have its own requirements for what it considers an acceptable survey and boat owners are advised to consult with their insurance broker before commissioning a survey.

An Insurance Survey of a mid-sized boat may require the best part of a day, depending on the size, complexity and condition of the boat. For a sample of an Insurance Survey report, 'coming soon'.

Proper preparation of a boat greatly enhances the quality of the survey. Click here for a practical check list for preparing the boat.

3. Delivery Inspections
A Delivery Inspection of a new boat takes place prior to accepting the boat from a yard or its dealer. The inspection is similar to a Pre-Purchase Survey but focuses on how the boat has been finished and whether it has been completed in accordance with the specifications agreed upon at the time of ordering. We will also check to see whether subsequent modifications agreed upon have been taken care of correctly.

Our Delivery Inspection reports include detailed punch lists of items that have to be dealt with before you officially take delivery.

We guarantee that our reports will be recognized and accepted by any bank, finance company or insurance company.




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