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Welcome to Coastwise Marine Surveyors LLC

Coastwise Marine Surveyors LLC serve marine survey needs for boaters in Western Long Island Sound and the lower Hudson River.

Bruce Patterson-AMS, the principal surveyor of Coastwise Marine Surveyors LLC, spent 4 years in the U.S. Navy aboard ship, has over 30 years experience with many different type boats, and recently completed a two-year apprenticeship with an Accredited Marine Surveyor.

Bruce is a Accredited Marine Surveyor member of SAMS (The Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors, Inc)

He is also a member of ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) and is ABYC Standards Certified. .

In 2007, Bruce completed the 'Surveying Fiberglass Boats' class at the Wooden Boat School in Brooklin, Me.

We are independent and are not affiliated with any boat yard, dealer, broker, or insurance company. We take no commissions or any other kick-backs from anyone. Our allegiance is to you, our Client, only.

Our Commitment

At Coastwise Marine Surveyors LLC, we are committed to providing you with thorough and professional marine surveys, which meet or exceed industry standards, of recreational power and sail boats.

We specialize in Pre-Purchase Surveys and Insurance Surveys.

Our survey reports meet the SAMS Guidelines, are detailed, clearly structured and include pictures and a list of Recommendations.

Whenever you entrust us to perform a survey, you can be assured that we cut no corners and will go the extra mile to serve you.

Our Services

Pre-Purchase Surveys
If you are considering buying a boat, a Pre-Purchase Survey performed by Coastwise Marine Surveyors LLC will give you the confidence you need to accurately assess the condition of the boat. A thorough survey, including a clear report and our expert opinion on the market value of the boat, strengthens your negotiation position with the seller, and invariably saves money for our Clients. Click here for more details about Pre-Purchase Surveys.

Insurance Surveys
Insurance companies usually require an Insurance Survey (often referred to as a Condition and Valuation Inspection or a Marine Risk Inspection), in order to establish whether a boat is an acceptable insurance risk. The scope of an Insurance Survey is similar to a Pre-Purchase Survey, but the main focus of the report is on safety, structural integrity and items that affect the market value of the boat. Click here for more details about Insurance Surveys.

Delivery Inspections
If you are taking delivery of a new boat from a boat builder or dealer, it is advisable to have a Delivery Inspection performed before making your last payment. Coastwise Marine Surveyors LLC will provide you with a detailed report with a punch list, so that you and the builder or dealer know exactly what needs to be done before the last payment will be made and title is transferred. Click here for more details about Delivery Inspections.




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